• <transcy>Why is the skin of the skinhead so beautiful?</transcy>

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<transcy>Wash or shave, this one</transcy>

<transcy>Borderless Time</transcy>

Borderless Time is a skin care brand that eliminates all kinds of borders.

Heal you as you are,
In addition to cleaning the head and face, it can also be used for shaving.

Borderless Time Image

<transcy>Man&#39;s skin is irritating</transcy>


NOHAIRSのための特別なアパレルはこちらからご覧ください。 着用してNOHAIRSファミリーになりましょう。


<transcy>User&#39;s voice</transcy>

I have extremely sensitive skin and I usually wash my face with lukewarm water, but this did not cause skin irritation even when I used it every day.

(Late 40s, male / manager)

Although it is delicate and sensitive skin, it is soft and dense foam gently wraps it, eliminating the burden on the skin when shaving.

(Late 40s, male / sales staff)

Anyway, the best product that considers the feelings of baldness and baldness!

(Early 50s, male / manager)

It's compact, so I always put it in my bag. It comes in handy when you are staying suddenly. Also, I like the natural scent because it feels like an adult man.

(Late 30s, male / creator)

It was very good that the foam was firm and did not drip when shaving, and there was no tingling even after shaving.

(Early 40s, male / engineer)

Fine foam and finish that surpasses the cosmetic brand men's line. Still, the lustrous sensation lasts all day long.

(Late 40s, male / department store work)

* All are personal impressions